Gus the bus

Meet Gus: a 1987 VW Westfalia that lives in Ojai, California, and is owned by our Head of Sustainability, Annie.

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Gus is the officially unofficial mascot of Peak Design, and serves as a reminder for us to:

Hit the road

Go adventure and make space for friggin' good ideas to emerge.

Slow Down

It's a fast-paced world and we ought to take a dang break now and again.

Prioritize Quality

Whether it's cars, toys, or backpacks, make and buy things that are intended to last.

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Thanks to our friends at Candylab, you can play with Gus, too.

Part solid beech wood, part diecast, Gus (the toy) measures 8.5cm long and was created as a Limited Edition of 700 units, available exclusively at PD retail stores and the PD Website (US only).

Like Peak Design, Candylab was born on Kickstarter, and is run by a team of gearheads, designers, engineers, and parents, all of whom are driven by a collective desire to make rad things that are well-built, sustainably produced, and timeless in their utility and appeal.

Get your Gus today (while supples last). And if you've already got one, thanks for your support.

Pick up Gus The Bus In StoresNote: Only available at US PD Retail stores.