Anchor Update Program


We're updating our Anchors, the little round connectors that come with Peak Design straps. We're doing this because the previous version of our Anchors were, in rare instances, wearing out more quickly than they should. If you own the previous version of our Anchors (found in most Peak Design straps purchased after August 2017) we'll send you updated Anchors for free. To see if you qualify for free replacements, take our .

The survey will also guide you though some simple steps you can take to continue safely using your Peak Design strap while you wait for your new Anchors. Anchor Update Kits should ship in 3-5 days in the U.S., or 1-2 weeks internationally.

For details on our Anchor update program and the reasons behind it you can check out this help article. If you're a retailer who carries Peak Design straps, contact our dealer support team. Peak Design's reputation is built on the functionality of our gear, the security of your cameras, and the transparency with which we conduct business. We hang our hat on your trust—that we will keep your gear safe, and that we will always do right by you.